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  1. Willie B. Newman Birth Suite
    Willie B. Newman Birth Suite
  2. Willie B. Newman Suite
    Willie B. Newman Suite
  3. Willie B. Newman enSuite
    Willie B. Newman enSuite
  4. Willie B. Newman Birth Suite
    Willie B. Newman Birth Suite
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  7. Outdoor labor area
    Outdoor labor area
  8. Willie B. Newman Birth Suite Birthing Stool
    Willie B. Newman Birth Suite Birthing Stool
  9. The Willie B. Newman Birth Suite
    The Willie B. Newman Birth Suite
  10. Dr. Willie B. Newman
    Dr. Willie B. Newman

Dr. Willie B. Newman couldn't make it to Seminole Community College when he was honored earlier this month during a Heritage Jubilee.
Even though advanced-stage cancer kept him at home, Newman knew that a crowd gathered to shower him -- one of Sanford's own -- with their love and respect.

Newman, who was applauded for his life's work of helping others, died Sunday. He was 53.The group at SCC lauded Newman for his work as an obstetrician, for his philanthropy and for his never-ending desire to seek more education -- not only for himself, but also for his children and others.
"He always encouraged kids in the neighborhood to go to college and better themselves," said childhood friend Dawn Stallworth.Newman learned at an early age the importance of education. To help his mother care for the family, he worked a number of jobs. As a young migrant farm worker, he traveled between Sanford and New Jersey, depending on the harvest season. That hard labor persuaded Newman to get an education -- to work "smarter, not harder."

It was a somber memory -- a teacher who died during childbirth -- that led him to pursue a degree in obstetrics. He graduated from Florida State University in 1976 and was accepted to Tulane Medical School, where he graduated in the top 10 percent of his class. After serving his residency at Parkland Hospital, Newman returned to Sanford.

"He wanted to come home and take care of the people who might not get quality medical care if he were not here," said Annye Refoe, dean of arts and sciences at SCC.In his more than 20 years of practice, Newman delivered 400 to 500 babies each year.He also served as chief of surgery and as a trustee at Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford, was a member of the board of the Greater Sanford Chamber of Commerce and served as a mentor for students at Seminole High's Academy of Health Careers in Sanford.Newman was one of the first Seminole County doctors to push for improving infant-mortality rates. He also worked with the Seminole County Health Department and provided prenatal care for indigent women.In 2002, Newman took a leave of absence from his medical practice to pursue a law degree from Florida A&M University. He graduated in 2005 and passed the Bar that same year."He started law school just to pass the time while waiting to deliver babies," said his wife, Dr. Joetta Bishop Newman. "Learning was something that he just really enjoyed doing."Newman served as a consultant and also gave free advice to friends. His constant educational pursuits served as a motivator for his children.

According to online magazine, the best birth suites in the US now have the same amenities that Heart 2 Heart Birth Center has had for 15 years! Flat screen tvs, XM stereo, private luxury baths with jacuzzi tubs, birth balls, rocking chairs, and doulas! We have always had the best of ameneties available for our guests in our "Bed, Breakfast and Baby" luxury birth center!

"What more can we say about Heart 2 Heart birthing centerand the fantastic midwives and staff that work there other than that they are all amazing and clearly demonstrate a true passion for helping families become families..." Alexsis F-E. 

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