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Family Testimonials

The best part of our job is seeing the happy smiles on our mama and daddy's faces when their baby is in their arms and being honored to share in one of the most joyous events in these families lives. Here are some of the wonderful things our friends say about their experience with Heart 2 Heart. We are eternally grateful...

​Michelle Graf-Dixon, LM

Video Testimonials

  1. I couldn't have imagined a better place for the birth of our daughter! So peaceful and homely environment ( unlike hospitals)!! Such supportive and friendly midwives!! Staff always available whenever I needed them....even in the middle of the night, at 2 a.m and at 5 a.m !! Thank you so much heart to heart!! You are The most beautiful and the best place to have a baby!!
    Ranjana C.
  2. This is the best place to learn about the whole pregnancy process in a very comfortable office. The staff will become part of your family, and it’s a fraction of the cost of a hospital birth. The midwifes are fantastic, the Douala Jenn is great, and the owner Michelle is amazing. Thanks so much ladies! Baby Logan thanks you!
    Zach A.
  3. I had a few friends recommend heart 2 heart after they had given birth and I thought I would try it out and I am so glad I did. I loved my experience. Every visit was very pleasant and everyone is so nice! I gave birth to my son at heart 2 heart and it was a great first experience. I was so comfortable and everybody was so helpful after my son was born. I needed help getting him to breast-feed And the ladies there did not even hesitate to help me. I also took Jenna Doulas birth class and I am so glad I did. Everyone their helped equip me for the longest and most rewarding marathon I have ever had to run , and I have strongly recommended this birth center to everyone I know!
    Brooke Rayburn
  4. Our entire pregnancy, labor, and delivery experience with Heart 2 Heart was absolutely wonderful. I appreciated the prenatal care visits and never felt rushed when I had questions or concerns to discuss. The staff is very kind, the facility is beautiful, and you can tell that everyone who works here truly loves what they do. I am thankful for the support, encouragement, and vast birth knowledge that my midwives shared with me, and I'm happy to say that I was able to have a successful natural childbirth because of their assistance!
    Lissa Pompos Mansfield
  5. What more can we say about Heart 2 Heart birthing center and the fantastic staff and midwives that work there other than they are all amazing and clearly demonstrate a true passion for helping families become families. From the minute we first toured the birthing center we knew that this is where we wanted to have our natural childbirth. Many, many thorough prenatal appointments later we were ready to give birth and felt that not only had all the midwives prepared us, but they also would be there for us no matter what, including a rare and unlikely transfer to the hospital. On the day my water broke we arrived at Heart 2 Heart and were helped into our room by our midwife Courtney. From there everything was smooth sailing as my labor was over in a record 6 hours and a beautiful baby boy placed on my chest by my husband who was so grateful he was able to help catch. After the birth our doula Jenn made sure we were fed, while the amazing birth assistant Krystal went over everything with us about how to take care of our new baby. We are so thankful to her for all the important information. And since the birth we’ve been back and received stellar post natal care, that looks at our family as a whole. If you are considering a natural childbirth in the Orlando area, look no further. The owner Michelle, aka Heart, speaks of her passion and why she opened the center, and we are sure glad she did. This was exactly what we were looking for in a non-hospital birth.
    Alexsis Ferguson-Ekstrom
  6. 8 years ago, I had a healthy delivery at H2H. As CNM Michelle said goodbye to her own grandmother that day, she assisted me in welcoming my first child. I was a Labor & Delivery nurse and felt safe and confident throughout the whole process! I would HIGHLY recommend H2H. I am pregnant again and incredibly sad I live out of state - I would much rather have my 2nd baby at H2H as well! Thanks for the great memories Michelle!
    Grace Lemire Palmer
  7. H2H is the perfect place to have your babe at if you've ever considered having a home birth but want to be away from home, if that makes sense! We were referred by a dear friend who delivered her baby there and we were very impressed after checking out other birth centers in the Orlando area. My husband and I agree that midwives need to be alongside every birth. They are absolutely amazing! We met every midwife at H2H throughout our care which at first can be scary if youre worried about not "clicking" with each one, but it was such a SMOOTH transition and we felt comfortable with all of them! Michelle was available ANY time I needed to talk and Karen and Sharon were our dream team came the big day! The way they handle the "medical" side of care should be mimicked in our medical system! We were educated, allowed to make our own decisions and while I was having the baby there was never a moment where I felt like I should be somewhere else. Thank you H2H for making our first baby experience one to remember! Love, the Krueger Family
    Ellie Krueger
  8. I can not say enough good things about Heart 2 Heart Birth Center. I knew I wanted to deliver my forth baby at a birth center after 3 hospital births but wasn't sure where to go. I had been researching midwives in the area for months before even conceiving but knew within the first 5 minutes into my initial visit this is where I wanted to have my baby. Everyone makes you feel right at home, I never felt rushed in any of my appointments, all my questions were taken seriously, I felt completely in control of my pregnancy and birth and never was pressured into anything. I'm actually really sad I'm done with my prenatal and postnatal care but if I ever have another baby there is absolutely no doubt in my mind I'd choose Heart 2 Heart again!
    Hannah Hayes
  9. I love Heart to Heart birthing center! Everyone there is amazing. This is the best place to receive prenatal care all the way up to delivery! I enjoyed every moment I spent with Midwife Callie. She gave me the best prenatal care! I didn't get to deliver my baby with Callie due to some complications that happened to me prior to my due date. However she visited me in the hospital and was always there for any questions I had. She really is amazing at her job and everyone there is so caring. I highly recommend this place! Go on a tour it's beautiful inside and everyone is really friendly. I am so glad I found this place and made my 1st appointment here!
    Lindsey Lombardi
  10. I've used Michelle to birth the last 4 of my babies and she is AWESOME!!!!!! I have had a home birth (don't know if they still do that), a water birth at the old birthing center, an emergency birth at the hospital, and also one at the current birthing center. Michelle is the best and I love her...miss her too...just don't want to get pregnant again to see her! LOL! You can't go wrong with this place! Great environment, great people, great experience!
    Angelique McDowell

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