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Heart 2 Heart Birth Center Services​​

Heart 2 Heart Birth Center does more than "just deliver babies". Midwives provide the same services any other OBGYN does (with the exception of pain medication/anesthesia/major surgery), including well woman gynecology. 
  1. Labor Support (Midwives & Doulas)
    Labor Support (Midwives & Doulas)
    When you go into labor, your midwife team will be right there to provide intimate labor support. Your midwife will be assisted by a trained doula who will help you as you labor. She stays throughout your after care (postpartum) to help you as you learn to nurse your baby and to assist you as your transition that first day.
  2. Obstetrical/Prenatal Care
    Obstetrical/Prenatal Care
    After your consult appointment, you will be scheduled to begin your prenatal care with us. Your first two visits will be longer, as we will be doing a history and obtaining blood samples (usually an hour). Your subsequent visits will be about 30 minutes. During your one on one visits with your midwife, she will obtain your blood pressure, check your urine and weight, measure your baby's growth, and listen to baby's heart rate, as well as discuss how you and your baby will be growing and what changes to expect. Visits are relaed and you are welcome to bring guests or children with you!
  3. Water Birth (hydrotherapy)
    Water Birth (hydrotherapy)
    Research has verified many aspects of water labor and water birth: water facilitates mobility and enables the mother to assume any position that is comfortable for labor and birth. Probably no other development in birth has had greater impact on natural birth in recent years as the acceptance of waterbirth as an effective method of delivery. Heart 2 Heart Birth Center actually designed it's birth suites around your desire for laboring or birthing in our tubs.
  4. Well Woman Gynecology
    Well Woman Gynecology
    Heart 2 Heart does more than just delivery babies! Annual exams, PAP smears, lab testing and physicals are done here as well! Schedule your gentle , caring visit with midwives today.
  5. Lab Testing
    Lab Testing
    Part of prenatal care with us includes drawing your labs. We do this in the office so you don't have to take extra trips elsewhere. We will be discussing all of your lab options, such as genetic screenings or additional testing that you might want to have. All of our labs are loaded into a system that you have access to, so you can always see your lab results as well as sono reports.
  6. After the Stork Arrives
    After the Stork Arrives
    We call the month after your baby is born a "baby moon", sort of like a honey moon! You will be getting to know eachother as you fall in love even more with your baby face to face! We will see you 2 days afterbaby is born and obtain a blood test on your baby called a PKU. Then we will see you again at 2 weeks and again at 6 weeks for your well woman gynecology visit and birth control, if you want to use it.
  7. Newborn Care
    Newborn Care
    After the birth of your baby, the midwife will perform a complete newborn exam. This will be reported to your pediatrician. You will need to schedule your first visit for baby within 48 hours after the birth. We will see baby again at 2 days for PKU testing, and again at 2 weeks for hearing screen, weight check up and lactation evaluation. After that, baby is completely in your pediatricians care. We recommend Dr. Richard Rodriguez at Sunshine Pediatrics, but we have parents who take their babies to all
  8. Breastfeeding Assistance
    Breastfeeding Assistance
    One of the wonderful aspects of motherhood is breastfeeding. For some moms, it comes easily. For others, it is more of a struggle. Because we are all all moms too and we know this can be one of those things you need support with, we have an IBCLC who will contact you after the birth of your baby to make contact with you. Then, if you feel you need some face to face time with her, we will arrange that for you.
  9. Home Birth/VBAC
    Home Birth/VBAC
    Yes, we do home birth! And, with approval, we even do Vaginal Births After Cesarean Section! Call for more details!
  10. The Educated Mama
    The Educated Mama
    Some of the best childbirth classes in the country! Classes include hypnobirth, CALM birth, Daddy Classes, Breastfeeding, Sibling Prep, Baby Sign
  11. Materni-Tea Parties
    Materni-Tea Parties
    Come enjoy a cup of tea and meet the midwife team in a more social setting! Held quarterly, these are lovely events with tea and sweets!
  12. Free Consult, Tour & Sonogram
    Free Consult, Tour & Sonogram
    We invite you to visit for a cup of tea and to tour our center and confirm your pregnancy. We can even take a peek and see the baby if the time is right!
  13. Henna Belly Tattoos
    Henna Belly Tattoos
    Let's have some fun with that beautiful belly! Henna is temporary and great for your maternity photo shoot! Schedule today 407-322-9944
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