"The last thing you should have to worry about when having a baby is how you are going to pay for this. We are here to make this part as easy as possible".
Priscilla McNeely,
Finance Director

Heart 2 Heart Birth Center
is proudly contracted with every major insurance carrier and Medicaid plan in our region!

About Your Insurance

Congratulations on your upcoming birth! Now that you are expecting, it is my job to help you negotiate your way through the expenses of having a baby. There are typically three payment options: Self pay plans, premium or commercial insurance, or Florida medicaid enrollment. Lets take a look at each.

Self pay plans: Our self pay plan is an all inclusive plan, including all routine appointments, basic labs, any in ofice sonograms, basic childbirth class, labor in our luxury birth rooms, immediate care for mom and newborn, all administrative fees (birth certificate filing, FMLA, ect) Newborn screening PKU and hearing screen exam in office, 2 routine postpartum visits and 1 well woman exam. If the full fee is paid in advance, we offer a substantial discount. Otherwise, we will set up a payment plan that works with yur budget. Payments must be complete by 36 weeks. If you need an extended plan, we can discuss this at your visit. 

Commercial Insurance: This is insurance that you have purchased or that you are enrolled in through your employer. Once we determine yur deductible and coinsurance/copay limits, we can calculate your out of pocket expenses and you can either pay the total in advance or we can set up a payment plan that works within your budget. Our services are entered as claims to your insurance company and paid at the percentage determined by your plan limits and our contracted amounts. Any remaining amounts after claims are paid are the patients responsibility. 

Medicaid: Florida Medicaid is not insurance. Medicaid provides medical coverage to low income individuals and families. The state and federal government currently share the costof the Medicaid program. Medicaid eligibility in Florida is determined either by DCF or the SSI. A pregnant woman may qualify for Medicaid if her families countable income does not exceed income limits. Once eligibility has been determined, she is assigned a carrier plan (such as Moline or United Healthcare Community Plan).

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