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Christy Hersey, LM CPM

A little bit about Christy...

Christy Hersey, LM CPM comes to Heart 2 Heart Birth Center as a 30 year resident of Florida. She lived in Texas for 5 years, where all of her children were born with midwives. Christy's intimate experience with her midwives led her to persue her own career as a midwife. In May of 2012she enrolled at Florida School of Traditional Midwifery. During Christy's training as a midwife, she has trained under dozens of experienced midwives and obstetricians all over Florida. Christy's training gave her a unique mix of skill and experience to serve women in pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Christy graduated in 2015 and since then, has served over 1000 women in pregnancy. She considers herself a  lifelong learner and servant of women. She is delighted for the opportunity to grow and serve with the midwife team at Heart 2 Heart Birth Center.

Christy is also the mother of three fantastic (almost teen) children, is a stellar cook and a painter. She says her best dish she fixes is guacamole and salsa, thanks to living in TEXAS! 
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