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Welcome to Heart 2 Heart Birth Center 

Our Midwives are Bringing the Ancient Art of Midwifery into the Future

We thank you for your interest in our birth center, our "home away from home birth center". Throughout time women have helped other women safely give birth naturally. This is what called us to the profession of midwifery.​

At our website you will find our philosophy, our beliefs, and reliable information reagrding natural childbirth and

midwifery care. We hope that by bringing these facts to you, in an Evidence Based method, we can assist you in
making an informed decision regarding your healthcare during this special time in your life, as well as making
the start of your child's life a peak event. 

Heart 2 Heart Birth Center is dedicated to making every pregnancy and birth the best experience possible by

pampering each mom the whole nine months and beyond. Experience the highest level of midwifery care while
still enjoying the personal one on one care that you can only receive from midwives. You will feel you have had
more of a Bed & Breakfast birth experience than a standard hospital stay.

At 36 weeks, schedule your complimentary Pampered Mama Spa Day Maternity photo session with Monique Brown of

Brown Eyed Girl Images. This gift is included with each premium birth package, our gift to you. 

Please come in for a complimentary consult, a tour, and a nice cup of tea. We would love to meet you and tell you how Heart 2 Heart can be of service to you!


​Michelle "Heart" Graf-Dixon, LM and birth team
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Every mama wants the best for her baby from the minute she finds out she is expecting. She wants the best prenatal care available. But she also wants a grand experience, where she can develop a connection with her birthing team. Heart 2 Heart Birth Center has combined world class midwifery care with the luxury of an award winning Bed & Breakfast experience. In fact, we often say that having your baby at Heart 2 Heart Birth Center is like a Bed, Breakfast AND Baby experience! So join Heart 2 Heart for your very own "home away from home" birth center experience!
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