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Are you without healthcare coverage? Unsure of how to apply for Medicaid? Call us today and we will get you started on the road to maternity care. We will even see you before your Medicaid is active. Early healthcare reduces your risk of having problems during your pregnancy, so please don't wait. Call to schedule your first appointment today. Insurance and Pay-As-You-Grow patients are always welcome, as well. Call today to hear about our flexible payment arrangements.

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Thank you for your interest in our birth center, our "home away from home birth center". Throughout time women have helped other women give birth safely. This is what called us to the midwifery profession.

At our website you will find our philosophy, beliefs, and information from reliable sources regarding childbirth and midwifery care. We hope that by bringing these facts to you, we can assist you in making an informed decision regarding your healthcare during this special time in your life, as well as making the start of your child's life a peak event. 

Heart 2 Heart Birth Center is dedicated to making every pregnancy and birth the best experience possible by pampering mom the whole nine months. Experience the highest level of midwifery care while still enjoying the personal one on one care that you can only receive from midwives. At 36 weeks choose between your belly cast, a fun and funky henna belly temp tattoo, or a 30 minute massage at your Pampered Mama Spa Day, included in your Premium Heart 2 Heart Birth Package. 

Every mom deserves the best. Every mom deserves Heart 2 Heart Birth Center. 

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Michelle Heart Graf, LM  Licensed Midwife
​Lynn Deer, Florida Licensed Midwife
Karen Bove, Florida Licensed Midwife
Sunshine Pediatrics - Dr. Rich & Pat Lindsey, IBCLC

Sunshine Pediatrics provides pediatric care and lactation services to Heart 2 Heart Birth Center patients. Dr. Rich and Pat Lindsey (IBCLC) have created a breastfeeding-friendly practice centered on quality care.

1110 Lexington Green Lane
Sanford, FL 32771
Phone: (407) 322-9944  Fax: (407) 878-5858
Email: info@h2hbirthcenter.com
 Dr. Willie B. Newman Memorial Birthing Suite

Dr. Newman was an incredible OB who recognized that birth is a normal process. He delivered over 10,000 babies within our community! He not only believed in midwifery and homebirth, he was instrumental in the opening of Heart 2 Heart Birth Center. We hope you will visit the Willie B. Newman Birth Suite, dedicated to the memory of this great man, on your tour of Heart 2 Heart Birth Center. Read what others have said about Dr. Newman  here, and more about Dr. Newman's extraordinary life here:
Dr. Willie B. Newman, A Profile in Courage

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Call Lynn at 407-322-9944  or email today to order your Juice Plus+. 

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Are You a VBAC Client?

Florida law currently prevents birth centers from providing birthing services to moms who have previously had a Cesarean section. We do, however, provide prenatal care to those seeking a VBAC in the hospital.  We apologize for any disappointment this causes.

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